I am Antje Shiflett, and since I have a website, I thought I should have a blog post too. Of course, that means that I have to write something now and again. I hope it will be interesting for you, I know it will be a new experience for me!

my studioToday is June 20, 2012 – Summer Solstice and the beginning of a new chapter. Since I am a painter and love to paint nature, it means turning over a leaf, starting to get ready for the Alamance Studio Tour in October. This is our 3rd annual tour coming up, October 13 and 14, where 45 of wonderful artists of our county will open their studios to the public and let people come and visit so see what they are doing and often how they are doing it. For me it means painting something new and fresh. For the last few weeks I have “played” with new ideas, new applications – I am planning to put some of the new works on my website and hope that this will get some of you to come back and watch what I am up to.